The Ascension of Planet Earth

A number of authors have been talking for several years about the earth evolving into a higher plane of existence. In the past, these authors say, Earth has been in third dimensional reality, which is one of the lower planes of existence. This allows for duality and separation, which ignores the fact that we are all one. It is way beyond the scope of this blog to review all of the literature discussing the theory that Earth has been evolving for the last few decades.

The end result will supposedly be a fifth dimensional Earth which evidences a higher level of development and allows for a greater awareness of the oneness that is the true reality. Some have said that certain individuals have made this leap in consciousness and that there is an ever increasing number of people who are reaching this level. This theory goes on to say that the Earth will evolve to a fifth dimensional level when a critical mass of its inhabitants have achieved their own evolution to fifth dimensional consciousness.

This is certainly a very heartening thought in the world we find ourselves in at this time. The news is full of negative events which would indicate the opposite of an evolution. However, it has also been said that the perceived spike in negative events could be that more things of this nature are being reported or that those of lower consciousness are fighting harder to keep the earth in its third dimensional plane.

I am offering a link to an excellent article which discusses “Wave X” which is supposed to influence the Earth from now until September 28 and beyond. This wave of energy is to help greatly in Earth’s evolution and enlightenment. I offer no opinion about this theory except to say that I certainly hope it’s true. I will quote the first few paragraphs below:

“September Wave X Energy Shifts”

The energy of accelerated ascension for Earth and for humanity is already here, and now it’s increasing!

If you’re like most people, you’re already noticing huge changes unfolding in your life… These changes are due to the energy of accelerated ascension, which can otherwise be described as an Ascension Energy Wave.

Starting in late August of 2015, through about September 28th… The energy will really be heightened, as the Earth physically and metaphysically aligns with a huge series of transformational energy waves.

These light energy waves come from the Center of the Cosmos, from Source, God, and they are raising the vibration of everything encountered on their path.

Scientifically, these energy waves have been noticed, measured and described as Gamma waves.

Ultimately, however you look at them, or describe what is happening… In one form or another, we’re headed into a HUGE tsunami wave of LIGHT.

This of course, is right on Divine time and not to be feared. For a long time now the Earth and humanity have been receiving increased light, ascension codes, and consciousness downloads from the Divine through solar flares, gamma rays, angels ascended masters and ascension gateway opening.


Soulfulness With Reiki-Part II

I have studied many other therapies and great religious traditions, many of which are based upon the existence of this universal life force energy. This has strengthened the soulfulness I feel with Reiki. In addition, a number of authors, such as Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton, are letting people know about the scientific experiments which are verifying the existence of this energy. All of this has come together to increase my faith and thus my peace.

Another dominant feeling that I have, love, comes from really believing in the concept that we all are one. The life force energy channeled in Reiki is available to help everyone. It is the essence of life. Since we all are imbued with this essence, we are all brothers and sisters, working with the same energy. Reiki thus shows us that we are much more alike than we are different. In every person that I teach and treat, I see a reflection of myself. I see the same hurts, fears, disappointments, joy and love. The implications of this are enormous. If we are all one, there is no need to fight wars, commit crimes against one another, or be unkind or selfish. If we act in this fashion, we are being unkind to ourselves.

Another emotion making up my feeling of soulfulness is joy. I feel this as sheer unadulterated pleasure and happiness at being a channel for this loving and nurturing life force energy. Helping others in this fashion and seeing their happiness as they heal is a very touching and humbling experience. I always remember that I am merely the channel, and that this abundant energy can be channeled through anyone with the proper training. My joy also comes from seeing the concrete improvements in other people’s health as a result of the Reiki treatments.

The joy I feel at giving a Reiki treatment is palpable. I feel a deep sense of compassion for my client and the situation causing them to seek treatment. In many cases, these people try conventional medical treatments to no avail. Some come to me with a sense of hopefulness that Reiki will help them, but yet they are almost afraid to believe for fear of being disappointed. These clients evoke in me the greatest sense of compassion as I honor their patience.

Other clients come to me because they have heard that Reiki induces a deep sense of peacefulness and relaxation, and they are most anxious to experience that. Still others come to me because of their curiosity about what it feels like to directly experience universal life force energy flowing throughout one’s body. Regardless of the reason people seek treatment, I feel a deep sense of gratitude to them for wanting to experience Reiki and entrusting me with their care.

While giving a treatment, I feel a deep peace while the Reiki is flowing through me, and I have a definite sense that I am being helped as well. I feel very grateful that I can be the channel for healing. Gratitude comes at the thought of having access to this beautiful energy. Discovering this has felt like coming home. It is as if most of us have a veil of forgetfulness placed around us at birth, and once we have rediscovered our spiritual selves, we feel a deep sense of joy at going back to our spiritual selves and gratitude at being shown the way.

I would like to give three examples of some rather miraculous things which have happened in the course of my Reiki treatments. I am providing the reader with this information in order to enable them to better understand the soulfulness which can be found by experiencing Reiki.

I treated one young mother who described a plethora of problems to me. These included depression, anxiety, and a rapid heartbeat. As often happens with people with anxiety issues, she was a very sweet and gentle soul. As I was treating her, I sensed that her body was soaking up the universal life force energy like a sponge. When the treatment was over, she told me that when I put my hands close to her heart, she felt it slow down to a normal heartbeat for the first time in as long as she could remember. I felt a deep sense of wonderment at being shown the healing energy of Reiki In such a powerful way. Two things struck me here. One was that Reiki was the only healing modality which provided her with any relief. Conventional medicine had failed her. The second was that she had suffered for many years with a rapid heartbeat and then Reiki, in just a moment, helped her heart to heal.

Another gentleman I met at a health care exposition came to my booth in order to take advantage of my offer of free 10-minute Reiki treatments. He did not share with me any clues as to why he sought treatment. I just assumed that he wanted to experience a new method of healing. Once it was over, he let me know that he had suffered from chronic headaches for most of his adult life. He tried nearly every method of treatment possible, including consultations with one of the world’s foremost headache experts in Baltimore. None of these efforts, including the consultation with the doctor, produced any significant results. However, he told me that for the first time since he had had these headaches, he felt a sense of relief and cessation of pain with the Reiki treatment. I felt a sense of wonderment when he told me that the treatment produced a totally different feeling in his cranial area from what he had ever experienced.

The final example involved a young woman who was an extreme horseback rider who fell off frequently and got back on just as frequently. Constant physical pain throughout her body was the result. I treated her for one hour at the first treatment, and then did several half-hour treatments after that. These treatments resulted in a complete healing of her pain. The treatments ended over a year ago, and she tells me that she remains pain-free.

I have related these anecdotes in order to further explain the soulfulness and deep emotion that I experience when I give Reiki treatments. These stories, when I retell them, touch my heart all over again. Despite hearing from nearly every client that they have been helped substantially, I still feel a sense of wonder when they relate their reaction and positive response to Reiki. Nothing makes me happier than being of service and what better way to be of service than to help others to heal. Knowing that the universal life force energy is inexhaustible and available to everyone fills my heart with gladness. This is what my soul has always sought to feel. It is an indescribable feeling of relief and happiness to discover that this source of universal love has been present all along. This knowledge makes many of the problems of the world and the problems in my own life seem very surmountable and manageable.

In teaching Reiki, my heart is full of hope and soulfulness as I feel happy to share my knowledge. I am also grateful that others can receive this learning and take it out into the world to help their friends, families, and themselves. By teaching others, my work is having an exponential effect with ripples reaching far and wide. This is good for the heart and good for the soul. Any energy that I impart to another, whether it is through a treatment or through teaching a class, amplifies the Reiki energy in me and adds to my spiritual awareness and positive energy.

The soulfulness that Reiki induces in my clients and students is wonderful to behold. I have noted a great sense of tranquility, peace and happiness among the clients. The students seem to have more of a feeling of wonderment at actually being able to pass on the energy. When they practice for the first time and feel the energy flow, it is a wonderful sight to behold. The realization that they can indeed be a talented spiritual healer makes their faces glow with happiness and pride.

I am extremely grateful for having reached this point on my path, and I honor everything that has gone before. Reiki has taught me the true meaning of deep emotion and feeling. This soulfulness has helped me to open my heart, and to begin each new day with joy and anticipation. The sense of connection that I feel with others now gives me a deep sense of happiness. It has been said that the heart is the center of the soul. For me, this opening has been a new awakening and a new beginning.

Soulfulness with Reiki- Part I

The path that I have followed as a Reiki Master/Teacher has been one of much soulfulness along with a deep sense of wonderment. The term “soulfulness” can mean different things to different people, and its definition in most standard dictionaries is “deep feeling or emotion”. Reiki has enabled me to feel a much greater depth of positive emotion than I have ever experienced before.


Reiki teaches that we are alive because life force energy flows throughout us. This energy reaches all parts of our body through various pathways. When the energy is blocked in any place in the body, that person will experience illness. Another person, with the energy flowing freely throughout them, will be healthy.


Reiki teaches that this energy comes from universal consciousness. This source of energy is never depleted and is available to all. Its purpose is to nurture our beings and give us the strength and positive energy to accomplish our goals. This energy does not discriminate and is available to all.


It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I learned about this universal energy and its unconditional love, compassion and caring for all souls. What a sense of joy, peace and deep emotion I felt when learning the true nature of the universe and the availability of this energy. Coming face-to-face with this information removed many doubts and fears I had had throughout my life. I no longer felt so alone. It is hard to overestimate the joy that I felt at finding out that there is a limitless source of energy that I can tap into whenever I feel depleted. After studying this further, it became evident that this concept of universal life force energy is common in many cultures around the world. This appears to be a deep memory within the collective unconscious.

Adherents say that Reiki has been around since the beginning of time, but it was rediscovered in Japan in the late 19th century. It was brought to this country in the 1940’s. It is estimated that there are 1,000,000 Reiki practitioners throughout the world.


The Reiki energy works to unblock the areas of congestion and restores the client to good health. The energy blockages are generally caused by negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The practitioner places his or her hands on various positions throughout the body in order to balance the energy of the client. The practitioner serves merely as a conduit for the universal life force


Reiki has been known to have cured illnesses and injuries from the common cold to serious, life-threatening situations such as cancer. Most clients experience a feeling of deep peace and relaxation at the very least. As a Master/Teacher, I have had clients who have been either cured or experienced a significant improvement in horseback riding injuries, emotional traumas, severe headaches, shoulder pain, depression, and severe anxiety.

The practice of Reiki has enabled me to feel greater depths of gratitude, peace, love, and joy. These feelings come when I am giving a Reiki treatment, teaching a Reiki class, giving a seminar on Reiki, or talking with traditional health-care providers in order to convince them to integrate alternative therapies into their practice.


To me, this gratitude is a feeling of overwhelming happiness at finding universal life force energy and knowing that it is available to me and everyone else. It has fulfilled a longing that I have felt throughout most of my life to have an abundant source of energy and love to nurture me. After talking with many people in the course of my practice, I have found that this feeling is very commonplace. It has touched me deeply that many of the people who have sought out my assistance feel so tense, anxious, alone, and afraid. My assessment is that many of these people wish to be protected from the negativity of the world and from those who support it. More importantly, there is a deep longing to turn this situation around and let joy and peace be dominant.


When I first began to see how this energy worked, I felt extremely grateful. It was a deep comfort to my heart. Just knowing that I am not alone and never will be, and that this energy will always help me has filled me with a sense of relief so profound that it is hard to describe.


The sense of peace that I have developed comes from having the utmost faith in this universal life force energy. I see it work with great positive results time and time again, proving itself to be an immutable universal law. Having this sense of confidence and trust in the universe allows me to go about my daily tasks with a sense of serenity and a feeling that everything will really be all right. This sense of peace is with me not only during the times when I am practicing Reiki, but during all of my daily activities. To me, Reiki is a way of life.

The Field of Potentiality

I had to make one more post about the book which has impressed me so much, E-Squared, by Pam Grout (Hay House, 2013). This book deals with the nature of reality and truly affirms the fact that we do create what we see in our lives. A number of recent authors, and they all seem to be saying pretty much the same thing, affirm that any given situation can turn out in an infinite number of ways. This is only affected by what we expect to see.


This book has made a profound impact on my life and I use its principles nearly every day. When I am in a state of awareness, in a challenging situation, I immediately work to create what I see in my reality. I have used this for situations such as difficult meetings and other challenging life situations. I picture myself standing in a revolving door knowing that I can enter any one of these doors and have the situation be what that door reflects. I then make a conscious choice of exactly the outcome that I want and pick a door which corresponds to that expectation. Sometimes the situation takes more work than other times. This usually depends on my readiness to believe that I can control my environment and my underlying mood. For example, if things have been really negative for several days, it takes more work to get back into the thought pattern of positivity. However, this pattern of positive thinking is cumulative so that the results build upon previous positive results. The trick is to keep the momentum going. You will find that it gets easier and easier as time goes on.


This book has helped me immeasurably due to its positive tone and the fact that Ms. Grout has studied manifestation extensively and presents the material in such a way that there is no doubt as to its truth. In the beginning, she points out that most of us “think of life as a random crap shoot”. This is so true. It seems that the vast majority of people really don’t see that they can control their environment. They think that everything happens outside of them, when in reality we all have everything within us that we need to make our lives perfect and complete.


I would like to end with a paragraph from the introduction to this book that pretty much sums everything up. Ms. Grout states: “…that’s what your thoughts are – vibrational energy waves that interact and influence the FP (Field of Potentiality). Every thought you have ever had or ever will have creates a vibration that goes out into the FP, extending forever. These vibrations meet other vibrations, crisscrossing in an incredible maze of energy. Get enough energy together and it clumps into matter. Remember what Einstein said – matter is formed out of energy.”


Putting these principles into action has definitely had tangible results for me. It has brought greater satisfaction, greater financial rewards, and warmer personal relationships. I am writing this blog in part to tell others the good news that we can have anything we want!

The Exciting Field of Potentiality

In my opinion, E-Squared (Hay House, 2013) by Pam Grout, is one of the most real books to ever come on the market. It has appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List. Hay House, as many readers know, is one of the leading publishers of spiritual books in the world and is home to ground-breaking authors such as Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Wayne Dyer, and Doreen Virtue. The book posits that the Universe literally follows the directive of our thoughts and desires. It even works for those who don’t believe this theory. For example, those who think about and believe in lack and want, will have that experience.


This book posits the existence of the Field of Potentiality (FP). In the words of the author, “Every thought you have, have ever had, or will have creates a vibration that goes out into the FP, extending forever. These vibrations meet other vibrations, crisscrossing in an incredible maze of energy. Get enough energy together and it clumps into matter… And your thought vibrations draw other vibrations that match. “


Perhaps the most interesting thing about this book is that Grout gives the readers 9 experiments to show how the FP works. I have completed all experiments. Eight out of the 9 showed me, without any doubt, that the Field of Potentiality exists and works in beautiful concert with our minds. In those eight cases, the FP has delivered, sometimes with humorous results and proof that it takes things literally. This has been a real eye-opener for me, even though I have believed in the FP for a long time. I have a friend who has also completed the experiments, with success in all but one. She is still optimistic that that final experiment will be successful.

What You Expect Becomes Your Reality

The main thrust of this blog is to talk about how we all create our own reality – literally. What we look at tends to multiply and the experiences we have day-to-day are based upon our expectations. This is explained in detail by a number of well-known authors including Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Pam Grout.


Ms. Grout, whose books E Squared and E-Cubed were published by Hay House, refers to reality as the Field of Potentiality. In any given situation, there are an infinite number of possibilities of how it can turn out. What actually happens and what we perceive depends in great measure on our expectations. Ms. Grout sets forth a number of experiments in both books designed to prove this thesis. For example, if we set out the intention that we will see butterflies or that we will see beige cars, that is exactly what will happen. Of the nine experiments in E-Squared, I received results which were in line with my expectations in eight.


Dr. Lipton, in his book The Biology of Belief, also published by Hay House, further describes this phenomenon. He discusses the fact that our biology is malleable rather than being set in stone by things which happen outside of our experience. Based on his studies, genetics is not the end-all and be-all of our experience with our health. This is demonstrated by the fact that siblings with the same genetic makeup can have very different health patterns. His thesis is that environmental concerns are more important than our biological inheritance.


Dr. Chopra, in some of his many books, discusses the fact that reality, which appears solid, is really changeable and that what appears to us as a solid piece of furniture, for example, is really a mass of vibrating atoms.


Gregg Braden also discusses some interesting concepts on this subject and brings up several examples of experiments which were influenced by the observers of those experiments. He refers to the universe as a “consciousness computer”, whereby what goes into the collective consciousness actually becomes what we perceive as reality.


I will be giving detailed examples in the coming weeks and months that will bring this principle to life. I have also seen it work in my own experience by setting an intention for the day and for certain interactions, such as meetings and social events. I believe that this is truly how the universe works and I will be pleased to share this information with you.

Davidji- Free Weekly Guided Meditations

Davidji is an internationally known teacher of meditation techniques and the author of Secrets of Meditation (Hay House, 2012). He was formerly associated with the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California. This is a wonderful, uplifting site on meditation that helps one become more in tune with one’s spiritual nature and the power that is present within us. Daily meditation has become a must for me, as it helps to produce a sense of calm and ease. Whenever I skip my meditation for a few days, I always feel out of sorts and out of tune with my divine nature. Join his mailing list and be treated to free weekly guided meditations that are just awesome!