Manifesting Your Hearts’ Desires

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is how the universe really works. There have been too many times when I have experienced an almost literal and at times comical manifestation of something I have intended. There are four basic steps to successfully manifesting: belief in the principle; frequent cleansing of one’s energy field; development of the ability to see and feel your desire; and the ability to be in the middle of the situation and consistently think about how you want it to turn out and feel that it has already occurred.


The first step, that of believing in the principle, is the first requirement for successfully manifesting your heart’s desires. If you have doubts that this will work, the universe will reflect that back to you. The rockets of desire that you put forth will be blocked to a great degree by the fact that you don’t think that the manifestation will be successful. This is something that you have to feel and know. The universe gets conflicting and confusing messages when you throw out doubt about the process. It makes it difficult for the universal field to give back to you because there is a barrier between you and your desired outcomes.


I would recommend that you read the two excellent books written by Pam Grout, E Squared and E Cubed. Both books were published by Hay House. Ms. Grout’s writing style is easy to follow and she is very convincing in her case that this is absolutely what happens. Simply put, you receive back what you put into the universal field. These are books which should be read and re-read at frequent intervals. She presents evidence from her life and from the lives of others that the universe is surprisingly accommodating and always reliable.


She presents a series of experiments which can be easily done to show just how literally the universal field takes your desires and how quickly it will answer you. Since in our culture we have been hardwired to not believe that our fate is in our own hands, it is necessary to keep re-reading these books. I have found that I need a constant reminder and so at least once a week I will re-read anywhere from 10 to 20 pages. I also signed up for Ms. Grout’s blog, which has posts a couple of times a week. This is an excellent reinforcement in training your mind to accept that you are better than you ever thought. Also, she presents information from readers who have flooded her with anecdotes describing their positive experiences in working with the field.


Manifesting can be stymied if your energy field is not cleansed and cleared regularly. You want to be sure that the energy around you is not subject to any negativity. One of the best ways to clear is to sit quietly and call in your angels and spirit guides that are wholly and completely aligned with 100% divine light. It is then necessary to state strongly that the angels and spirit guides are to clear and cleanse your energy field of anything that is not of the highest divine light. I would recommend writing out several sentences in advance that resonate with you. The important thing to remember is to state the request very firmly. Ask the angels and spirit guides to take away any cords or attachments which might be present and to take them back to the light to be transmuted into love. I try to clear regularly about twice a week and usually I can really feel the positivity and clarity. This tells me that a clearing needed to be done.


The third step is being able to really visualize the results you want. However, you must go even farther than this by feeling it. Manifestation comes about more successfully through emotion rather than thinking. Many writers have said this and I have found it to be at the core of successful manifestation. You must create the feeling within your body that what you are wishing for has already occurred. Naturally, this will induce a feeling of gratitude. By being in this space, you are ensuring a clear pathway for the universal field to do its work as quickly as possible.


The wonderful thing about this step is that once you have achieved some small successes, your faith that whatever you want can come to you increases. I once asked for an extra $1000. Having had a series of things happen on previous manifestations, my brain was wired to accept this gift. As soon as I stated this intention, I walked to the mailbox and lo and behold received a notice that the cost of an expenditure I had to make was reduced by, you guessed it, a little over $1000. This manifestation came about within seconds. Of course, it is necessary to keep reminding yourself constantly that this is not only possible but that it is the way the universe actually works. It is very easy to get back into the groove of thinking that everything is hard. Repetition and faith is key here.


Finally, if you are in a situation that you wish to be positive, you must be consistently thinking about the outcome you want while the situation is playing out. The best example is a telephone or in person conversation. This seems to work very quickly for me. Due to the experience that I have had, it now works nearly every time. I will simply create an image in my mind prior to the conversation and see and feel the outcome that I want. Sending out these positive vibes will reach the other person as well and before you know it, a sacred space has been created. In this space, the only thing that can happen is your desire. This can also be done, although it is a little more difficult, in a meeting of several people. I say it is difficult because you must obviously hold up your end of the conversation in the meeting but also keep imagining over and over the picture that you want to have occur. When I first started with this, it sometimes took a full hour into the meeting before it fully shifted into the situation I wanted. It’s interesting to note that what you are really doing at first is sending out the desire that you will be comfortable and that you will express yourself beautifully. When that occurs, the other people at the table cannot help but feel that and they feel positive towards you as well.


Wisdom From Pam Grout

I just love the stories on Pam Grout’s blog. Ms. Grout is the author of E-Squared, which discusses the Field of Potentiality and how what one puts out into the universe comes back to them literally.

This is her blog post from 1/14:
“Despite what it says in the newspaper, despite what your mother told you, despite what society insists is rock solid truth, it’s important to remember Shakespeare’s adage, “Nothing is either good nor bad. Only thinking makes it so.”

Your thinking regulates what is allowed into your life experience and what boogies on over to the next guy. You get to decide. You have the final say.

And since my thinking believes in miracles, magic and moving right past the bouncer who says, “You can’t go in,” I hear stories like this each and every day.

1. “I’ve been reading E-Squared the past week. I was reading it in a coffee shop, and I decided to attempt to call out the FP. I noticed a man reading on the other side of the shop. I said “if all this is real, have this man look up and stare directly at me.”

“He didn’t. I didn’t loose the faith, just forgot about it and went about my day. Later, I was eating at a diner. Over the loud speaker came a song by an artist called St Vincent. The lyric goes “did you ever really stare at me….?”

“I thought that was funny and hadn’t heard the song in a while. I pay for my meal and as I enter into the street I start singing the song, “did you ever really stare at me?.” I take not but 5 steps until I’m met with the direct stare of the man from the coffee shop.”

2. “In summer 2014, I met a beautiful guy. He was absolutely amazing, he was funny, he was a musician and even though I was overweight and my confidence was big as a nail, he was kind to me and he treated me as a beautiful woman. I fell in love with him in one night. When we met again, he was acting like a jerk. But I was so in love with him that I gave him your book to read. And guess what? He started to change. Since we first met, he changed a lot. You changed my life and the life of my boyfriend from a womanizer to a kind, beautiful person.

“He told me to send you his thanks, too. And there is one more thing that I wanted to tell you. I lost 12 kilograms and found out I want to be a singer. I was fighting thoughts of not being worthy, but now I am taking classes, getting better and I have had three concerts.

3. “ I did this experiment 3 weeks ago. The night of the first 24 hours I decided I wanted to go to Japan (knowing that if I keep being positive it will come together). The next night I had stayed at my partners and we discussed what we wanted to do in Japan, where we wanted to stay and all that jazz. The next morning when I got home, my mum said, “I have a gift for you” and there it was–a Japanese hand fan (she knew nothing about the experiment or Japan). I knew in that moment that the field of potentiality was very real.‬‬”

The Attitude of Gratitude

The late Wayne Dyer said many true and profound things. I saw him speak in person once in Washington DC and have read several of his books. I have also watched any number of videos of his talks. Perhaps my favorite statement of his is “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. This is very true, as science is proving more and more that our mental attitude produces what we see in the outer world.

This is especially true for gratitude. We all have many things to be grateful for, but most people do not see the full extent of all the good things in their lives. I have tried this myself and by concentrating on the things I am grateful for over an extended period of time, positive things begin to happen.

It was good to see this observation from someone else as well. A good friend of mine recently told me that every morning she picks out one thing to be grateful for and sits in silence and stillness for 30 minutes focusing on that one item. It could be something big or it could be something very small. She’s been doing this for several weeks consistently and has already seen profound results in her life. Things now seem to move with greater synchronicity and positivity. Examples include problems being solved more easily, serendipitous encounters, saving of resources, and deeper and more positive relations with others. She has been able to bring in results very quickly.

In my opinion, one of the reasons for that is the consistency with which this work is being done. Concentrated effort over a period of time nearly always yields positive results. Good things happen even for those who do this practice inconsistently. However, one of the keys to optimal results is a concentrated effort, which ideally should be done on a daily basis. This gives the Field of Potentiality more access to you and paves the way for the best results.