Manifestation Class in Maryland

On Saturday, January 26, I had the pleasure of teaching a two-hour manifestation class in Snow Hill Maryland, as part of the annual Soul Journey Retreat, which is organized by a couple of very spiritual ladies. A total of 20 persons attended the class. All were female, and most were of middle age. It was a very good group with everyone eager to learn and discuss new concepts.


I invited interaction at any time during the presentation and got a number of very good questions. Everyone seemed to be very eager to assimilate this information. Very briefly, I discussed the concept of the universe as a consciousness computer, as theorized by scientist Seth Lloyd. I went through a number of studies and experiments which show that human consciousness directly impacts reality. This discussion included the writings of Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, and Deepak Chopra.


I explained that one of the secrets to manifesting is to really know beyond any shadow of a doubt that every thought we have, every action we take, and every word we say has an impact on what happens to us.  I believe that it is not possible to really consciously manifest unless we know this for a fact. The second action which needs to be taken prior to manifestation is rewiring our brains to eliminate thought patterns which may have been imprinted on us as children and teenagers. Studies have indicated that 90-95 percent of our thoughts come from this old conditioning. I doubt that many people would  think that sticking with this old conditioning would really serve us very well. I know that I was dismayed to read this originally and wanted to find a way to rewire my brain with healthier patterns. I went through a number of exercises which were intended to create new neural pathways which would enable me to think differently and have my thoughts be colored by my own beliefs rather than those with which I was raised.


Finally, I discussed the situations in my life which caused me to seek to actively manifest on a daily basis. I then went into detail about the methodology that I used with some success. However, this is still a work in progress as new situations present themselves. Finally, I led the class in two different exercises, one designed to bring about one’s big goals and the other designed to reframe a particular situation. I look forward to my next class on manifesting on February 9 at Evergreen Cove Holistic Learning Center in Easton, Maryland. This workshop will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.




Manifesting Class

Come see me in Snow Hill, MD. at the River House, 201 East Market St., Snow Hill, MD for a class on manifesting anything you desire.  It will be held on Saturday, January 26 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. I will go over methods for re-wiring you brain to change old, limited ways of thinking and then how to actually change your reality and create your life from moment to moment. Contact me at if interested.

Meditation Class, Ocean Pines, MD



Berlin, Md. – The Ocean Pines Department of Recreation and Parks will host an educational seminar regarding the practice of meditation. The class will be taught by Valerie J. Mann of Fruitland. She will briefly discuss the benefits of meditation and its history, but the emphasis will be on practicing techniques. She will lead the class in four separate meditations.

Meditation has been shown to promote relaxation and to help manage stress.

The details:

Saturday, January 19, 2013, 10:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.
Ocean Pines Parks and Recreation Department

239 Ocean Parkway

Ocean Pines,MD. 21811

Fee: $20


If you plan to attend, please contact Ms. Mann or the Department of Recreation and Parks (410-641-7052) so that we can plan for the correct number of people. Contact Ms. Mann at 410-546-3801 or by email at

How to Manifest Anything

Manifestation-Creating Your Life Moment by Moment

Valerie Mann to Teach Class in Easton, MD


This is an idea which is being talked about more and more and gaining a great deal of credence at this time. Well respected authors such as Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton have suggested that we are all actually responsible for what happens in our life moment by moment. According to Mr. Braden, events are influenced by the observations of those around them. Quantum physics has uncovered some very convincing evidence that the universe is like a computer in a sense, in that individual input greatly influences the output that we receive.


Valerie Mann, Reiki Master; Grant Consultant, Author, and Trainer; and Meditation Trainer, will discuss the manifestation principles that she has used in order to improve nearly all aspects of her life. The method that she has developed has resulted in concrete, clear, measurable results toward her stated goals. As she said recently, “There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is the way things work and that my picture or frame of each situation is exactly the way that it is going to play out”.


She will briefly discuss the evidence that exists for this principle. These principles began to work for her what she became completely convinced that the universe works in this fashion. She will also discuss various meditation exercises used to re-wire one’s brain away from thoughts of limitation and negativity. Strong negative limiting beliefs, most of which were ingrained in childhood, influence how we think to a great degree. According to some authors, as much as 95 percent of our thoughts are determined by pre-existing beliefs. Therefore, only 5 percent of what we think about is truly influenced by actual events we are encountering at the moment. It is absolutely essential to undertake some simple exercises which will create new neural pathways in the brain in order to allow the manifestation techniques to work.


Finally, she will discuss specific methods she has used for reframing various situations in order to have them enter her reality as the reality. Ms. Mann will include specific compelling examples such as turning what could have been a contentious meeting into a very friendly and productive one; taking anxieties around travel and turning it into a situation where the trip was actually enjoyable; being able to freely express her thoughts without feeling limited; and improving her emotional and physical well-being. Since she has been using these techniques, several very import things have manifested into her life, most of which she could not have even expected previously.


This class will be held at Evergreen Cove Holistic Learning Center, 770 Port St., Easton, MD on Saturday, February 9, 2013, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The cost is $47 for members of Evergreen Cove and $52 for non-members. To register, call Evergreen Cove at 410-819-3395, Ms. Mann at 410-546-3801 or email Ms. Mann at

How Meditation Can Change Your Thoughts and Feelings

I am happy to be able to report that I will have a featured article on the benefits of meditation in the spring issue of Be Well Magazine, which is headquartered in the Washington, DC area. Following below are some of my thoughts on the subject, which you can read in advance of the article.

Most experienced meditators would probably agree that a regular practice produces many positive, noticeable changes, such as a greater sense of well-being and happiness, greater feelings of relaxation, reduction in stress, and a generally more positive outlook on life. However, the reality is even more profound than we have thought until recently. There is an increasing body of evidence that meditation actually produces changes in our brain.


The implications are huge. This means that we can control the development of our brain through mental exercises and actually change its structure. For so long, we have been told by science that our brain development stops when we are in our teens or early twenties. However, we are now finding that mental functioning can be improved as we age through a concerted effort.


The 1/21/11 issue of the Harvard Gazette made reference to a study done at Massachusetts General Hospital in 2010. The article stated that “Meditation group participants reported spending an average of 27 minutes each day practicing mindfulness exercises, and their responses to a mindfulness questionnaire indicated significant improvements compared with pre-participation responses. The analysis of MR images, which focused on areas where meditation-associated differences were seen in earlier studies, found increased gray-matter density in the hippocampus, known to be important for learning and memory, and in structures associated with self-awareness, compassion, and introspection.

Participant-reported reductions in stress also were correlated with decreased gray-matter density in the amygdala, which is known to play an important role in anxiety and stress. None of these changes were seen in the control group, indicating that they had not resulted merely from the passage of time.”


The very idea behind meditation is to take us away from activity, both physically and mentally. In this place of non-thinking, we can access parts of ourselves which we can identify as our soul, our real essence, and our authentic being. We are so much more than we think we are. There is a space within us that is timeless and eternal, that lives on long after our physical bodies have ceased to exist. This is who we really are at our core. We are not our bodies, we are our spirit. It has been said that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, rather than human beings having occasional spiritual experiences.


The benefits of meditation, which have been recorded both in studies and anecdotally by individuals, are as follows: less anxiety, the ability to sleep better, fewer illnesses, feelings of greater mental acuity, feeling of calm and peace, and greater confidence. Many students see at least two or three of these benefits. A high percentage of people express that they feel anxiety frequently, in some cases nearly all the time. The number of individuals with sleep problems is also high. A regular meditation practice can help these individuals. There is also the desire to connect with spiritual energy. Many of these people are yearning to experience something which encompasses more than just the physical body.


Peace in your inner world is reflected back to you as greater stability, success, happiness and accomplishment in your outer world. Having this peaceful frame of mind will enable you to present a calmer and more peaceful picture to the outside world. You can then expect to attract people and situations which will be more positive and lead to increased success in business, relationships, and the achievement of life goals.


Just on the other side of the divide and so close by are different, better ways to experience life. Try meditation. Your life really will change.