Reiki Removes Energy Blockages

Even though I have been a Reiki practitioner for over 12 years, the magic of the practice still comes through loud and clear. I had a client who came to me last week presenting a number of emotional issues. She reported feeling depressed and blocked. Anxiety was also part of the picture. I could observe that she was undergoing a crisis of spirit. She mentioned also that since her aunt had died, she had not been able to shake the feeling of grief and depression.


When we started out, my left hand started tingling in the area of her head, then again on her left shoulder and finally on her left foot. Almost invariably when I feel tingling in my hands, the client reports later that that was where they felt the blockage being removed. One of the main principles of Reiki is that the practice helps to remove energy blockages in the body. The theory is that chi, or life force energy, is supposed to flow freely throughout the body. If it is blocked or restricted in some way, negative symptoms will be exhibited.


After the session, she reported feeling much better. She had not felt anything in her head area but she did in her shoulder and especially in the foot. She said that she felt the blockage start to release when I was working in her foot area, which was close to the end of the first part of the session with her lying on her back. Evidently it took some time to reach the point where the energy started to flow freely again. I then had her lay on her stomach and continued working on her back and the backs of her legs.


During our debriefing session, she reported that she felt much better overall. A few days later she sent me a message which said, ”I feel so wonderful, very relaxed, with a sense of wellbeing. I have not felt this way in a long time. Thank you.”


This is what makes the practice so worthwhile. I always feel I get at least as much out of the session as the client. What a validation for the powers of Reiki!


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