Manifestation Class, cont.

This is the third post discussing all of the material in my manifesting class. We have previously talked about all of the studies which support the idea that your words and thoughts create your reality. This article will discuss the next step, which is re-wiring your brain to get rid of the limiting beliefs that we are all plagues with. The following is an excerpt from an article I wrote about the topic.

Once an individual comes to the place where they believe without a doubt that we all create our own reality, they  still have work to do before they can actually begin to manifest moment to moment. The reason for this is that we have been conditioned from a very early age to think limiting thoughts. Science has until recently stated that most of our thinking and ideas are set by the time we are in our late teens or early twenties. After that time, the common wisdom states, the only change in our brains would be a deterioration in function as we enter old age.


Our society is in great measure one of negativity and lack and want. We are trained from a very early age by the school system and our families to believe the following in varying degrees:


  • it is not possible to have everything we desire
  • what others think of us is of paramount importance
  • certain gender/racial groups are more entitled to privileges than certain minority groups
  • we must not question anything
  • in order to have a good religious experience, we must depend on church leaders rather than ourselves
  • we must depend on the exterior world for our good
  • it is not possible to change the things that we would like to change
  • it is wrong to question those in authority
  • we must always be satisfied with undesirable situations
  • bullying is something that people must buck up and deal with
  • animals have no rights and animal abuse is not a crime


The list could go on and on. Just think about every limiting parameter in your life. These thoughts  can be changed through rewiring your brain and going forward and manifesting a different situation. Our society and those of other societies around the world have found it almost impossible to change their belief systems in any significant manner within a short period time. Even things which are patently absurd but which gain ground,  are accepted as truth. Trying to get others to see how ridiculous some of these beliefs are is nearly impossible if the belief has been entrenched.

I will write another post continuing this article.


The Studies Which Support the Reality of Manifestation

In the last post, I discussed the first part of my class material on manifesting, which deals with the literature on the subject and the great support for the idea from the scientific community. This post discusses the concept in a little more detail.

The Studies

More and more is being written on the nature of the universe as defined by quantum physics.   Interest among scientists is growing and there is an ever-increasing body of knowledge on this subject.  The question that immediately arises is, why has this not been publicized more widely? One would think that this information would blast forth upon the world scene in such a way as to eclipse every other piece of news. One of the reasons for this lack of attention is that much of the research is written in a highly technical manner and is published in journals which are not read by the general public.  Still, taking this into consideration, it is inexplicable that this information should not be widely known. 


I will briefly discuss several paradigm-shattering experiments which support the theory of the universe as a consciousness computer.


The International Peace Project in the Middle East took place in August and September of 1988. Researchers in Israel selected a number of participants who were willing to use Transcendental Meditation(TM) to see if there was any effect upon several indicators of violence, including the level of crime, level of armed conflict in Lebanon, number of fires, and number of car accidents.  In addition, measures of improvement included increases in the national stock market and improvements in the national mood.  The participants met at a central location twice a day to practice TM.  During the time that they were meditating, all of the indicators of violence went down.  The crime levels dropped to an unprecedented low and armed conflict in Lebanon was all but at a standstill.  As soon as the participants stopped their meditation at the conclusion of the experiment, violence went back to the pre-experiment levels. (1)


This experiment was based upon previous research which uncovered what is called the Maharishi Effect, named after Maharishi Mahish Yogi. Maharishi had postulated that when a critical mass of individuals stimulated pure consciousness by feeling the peace that occurs during Transcendental Meditation, the quality of life in that area would improve.  Maharishi predicted that 1% of the population in a given area would be needed to produce this effect of coherence in the society around them.  Later experiments refined this number down to the square root of 1% when TM was supplemented with another technique called Yogic Flying.  A 21% reduction in the most violent crime categories was reported when over 4000 people from 62 countries gathered in Washington, D.C. in July of 1993 to practice Transcendental Meditation. (2)


In May of 2004, a study conducted at the Turin, ItalyMedicalSchool showed that patients’ beliefs determined medical outcomes.  A number of patients, all of whom had Parkinson’s Disease, underwent surgery believing that they would receive a drug which would restore their brain chemistry to normal levels.  In reality, they were given a placebo which should have had no effect whatsoever on their medical condition.  However, electronic scans showed that the cells in the patients’ brains responded as if they were actually given the drug. (3)


Another study showed that we affect reality just by watching it.  This work was done by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovat, Israel.  It is discussed in detail in the February 27, 1998 issue of Science Daily.  This article states that the…”Weizmann Institute researchers built a tiny device measuring less than 1 micron in size, which had a barrier and two openings.  They then sent a current of electrons toward the barrier.  The ‘observer’ in this experiment was not human.  Institute scientists used for this purpose a tiny but sophisticated electronic detector that can spot passing electrons.  The quantum ‘observer’s’ capacity to detect electrons could be altered by changing its electrical conductivity or the strength of the current passing through it.  Apart from ‘observing’, or detecting the electrons, the detector had no effect on the current.  Yet the scientists found that the very presence of the detector – ‘observer’ near one of the openings caused changes in the interference pattern of the electron waves passing through the openings of the barrier. In fact, this effect was dependent on the amount of the observation”.

Manifestation Classes Are Doing Well

I did a 2-hour class in manifestation on 1/26 in Snow Hill, MD, as part of the Soul Journey Retreat put on each year by two local ladies. The 3-hour version will be presented on 2/9 at Evergreen Cove Holistic Learning Center in Easton, MD. I am going to present the sequence of information which is given in those classes in the next several blog posts

I begin by discussing the large body of work which supports that our thoughts and actions really do create our reality. The following is a portion of my article which I use to open the class;

Harnessing Universal Consciousness to Accomplish Your Divine Purpose on Earth, by Valerie J. Mann

How would you feel if you knew that every thought, action, utterance, and belief was continually creating your reality, which was adjusting itself minute by minute?  What if you knew that changes in your feelings produce changes in your body, which in turn, change the outer world around you?  How would you react if someone were to say to you, “We have proof that the universe works as one big consciousness computer?”  Well — all of the above are being proven by scientists.  It is becoming increasingly obvious that the popular phrase, “You empower that which you focus on” is to be taken more literally than we could ever have imagined.  These are enormous implications for Reiki practitioners as we strive to help heal the planet in these challenging times.  This information gives us the power to literally change our reality and accomplish our divine purpose on earth.  Here is what quantum physics is saying.


Universal Consciousness

Seth Lloyd, the designer of the first feasible quantum computer, makes the simple but unequivocal statement that “The universe is a quantum computer.  As the computation proceeds, reality unfolds”. His book, Programming the Universe: A Quantum ComputerScientist Takes on the Cosmos, posits the exciting premise that we, in the most literal sense of the word, actually do create our reality.  The universe mirrors back to us our beliefs in the most precise way.


In The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton, it is noted that individuals missing significant sections of their brain can live completely normal and happy lives with no detrimental effects. Dr. Lipton quotes a finding by a British neurologist by the name of Dr. John Lorber involving a very intelligent university student who had earned various honors and lived a normal social life but was found to be missing several centimeters of his cerebral cortex. There is obviously more to man than just the tissue inside one’s skull!


Dr. Lipton goes on to quote Mahatma Gandhi when it comes to the power of thought and positive thinking:


                        “Your beliefs become your thoughts

                        Your thoughts become your words

                        Your words become your actions

                        Your actions become your habits

                        Your habits become your values

                        Your values become your destiny”


Gregg Braden writes in his work, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering theParadigm of False Limits that it is impossible to simply watch something without becoming involved with it. The very act of observing anything ties us to whatever it is that we are watching and that we are therefore participants in everything that goes on around us.


The idea that our thoughts and actions influence the world around us is a core tenet of both Gregg Braden’s works and this article itself. Mr. Braden writes that, “Experiments show that the focus of our attention changes reality itself and suggest that we live in an interactive universe.”


Furthermore, Mr. Braden writes that scientific experiments and literature points to a shared field of energy to which we are all connected. “The universe, our world, and our bodies are made of a shared field of energy that was scientifically recognized in the 20th century and is now identified by names that include the field, the quantum hologram, the mind of God, nature’s mind, and the Divine Matrix.”


Another book by Gregg Braden, Deep Truth, discusses the advantage that the above knowledge imparts upon us. He states that by knowing we select our own future and by knowing who we are gives us an evolutionary advantage that humanity’s ancestors never had. With this knowledge in hand we can tip the scales in our favor for a better future.


One such example of this evolutionary edge that can give one courage and strength in moments of great peril has been talked about at length in books, television specials, and even a movie. The example I refer to is the ordeal that Aron Ralston underwent while mountain climbing. A boulder fell and pinned his arm, trapping him at the bottom of a remote crevasse. After waiting for several days he resigned himself to death until he had a dream one night, a dream of himself in the future as a father. This spurred him on to not give up and he did something that most would consider unthinkable: he broke his arm and used a knife in his pack to cut through the trapped arm freeing him. Without the ability to envision a future for himself that he wanted, he would never have been able or willing to do what he had to in order to survive.


Manifestation, or the act of bringing things into being by changing one’s thoughts and beliefs, has been much discussed.  It has been the topic of numerous books and the subject of many workshops. Some of these self-help programs advocate the use of affirmations.  These affirmations are to be repeated at frequent intervals every day, meditated upon, and written on slips of paper to be placed where they can be seen frequently.  The new physics, however, is showing that in order for us to change our world, we must develop a special feeling within ourselves called “belief”.   This means belief which is so strong that the end results can never be doubted.  Experiments are showing that what we think of as miracles occur where feelings and beliefs permeate the heart to the point that we have no doubt that what we desire has already happened. Knowing this and feeling a deep sense of peace, joy, and gratitude actually causes the Universal Consciousness to reflect this back to us and bring about what we have “asked” for.


Conventional religion has also taught us to pray and make entreaties and pleas to God to give us what we want and what we think we need.  However, experiments are increasingly showing that this conventional method of prayer does nothing more than acknowledge the lack of what we are asking for.  By feeling the need to plead for something, we are focusing upon the fact that we do not have it.  When we really feel in our hearts that we already have what we desire, that becomes our reality.


A number of experiments showing the nature of thought, belief, and physical matter support Seth Lloyd’s view of the universe as a consciousness computer.  The following revolutionary concepts have already been proven by a number of scientific experiments:


  • A minimum number of persons practicing Transcendental Meditation can influence such things as the crime rate, suicide rate, war, fires and the general level of violence in a certain area
  • Physical changes in the body can occur due to one’s beliefs, independent of any medical treatment
  • Experiments are influenced by the belief systems of those conducting them
  • Samples of DNA taken from the same individual respond the same even when physically separated
  • Our thoughts change our DNA
  • Quantum particles appear to not be bound by the strictures of time