E-Squared Experiment #2

This is the third post regarding the experiments listed in the best-selling book E-Squared (Hay House, 2013) by Pam Grout. The second experiment is referred to by Ms. Grout as the Volkswagon Jetta Principle. The theory as explained by Ms. Grout is that we all impact the Field of Potentiality and draw from it according to our beliefs and expectations. The question is do I really see only what I expect to see? The hypothesis is if I decide to look for beige cars and butterflies, I will find them. The time frame for the experiment began on October 6, 2013 at 6:30 PM. The experiment was to last for 48 hours, ending on October 8 at the same time.


I decided to look for beige cars for the first 24 hours and then look for butterflies during the second 24 hours. When I was reading this experiment, I was in a public place on a river near my hometown which is only about three minutes away from my house. As soon as I got up to leave and go home, I decided to start the experiment looking for beige cars. During this very brief ride, I saw no less than nine beige cars. Right off the bat, I got some wonderful reinforcement that we really do see that which we expect to see. This indicates to me that we are definitely influencing what happens in our world.


Throughout the next day until 6:30 PM, I saw a total of 156 beige cars. The interesting thing is that I did not drive very far or very long during that period. I did not venture out again that evening and the next day I made 2 trips around town to do errands. The total time spent on the road was probably about an hour and a half. I was astounded by the number of beige cars I saw during that time. I really did get the feeling that I was creating my own reality. I should also point out that I was driving in a relatively small city of only about 20,000 persons, so it’s not as if I was driving downtown in a major city where there was massive traffic.


The second part of the experiment seemed to me to be less likely to be successful. I would be looking for butterflies at a time of year when they are much rarer than during the spring and summer. I live in Maryland and these beautiful creatures are not often seen during October. I was wondering how this was going to work but still had faith underneath it all. During this time frame, I remember reaching into my kitchen cabinet to get a glass for water. Lo and behold, my hand, without me really looking, reached for a glass which contained a painting of three butterflies. The book explained that I had to see butterflies but not necessarily live ones. Those three butterflies on the glass counted against the results of this experiment. The next day, I saw two additional butterflies in pictures on the Internet, for a total of five butterflies. It is interesting to note that since that time, although the weather is getting more and more, I’ve actually seen three or four real live butterflies out in nature and several additional pictures.


I went into this with the ideathat this work with the Field of Potentiality would allow me to harness this force to make my life even better. The successful experiments reinforced this idea and I was very excited about continuing them. To me, there is absolutely no doubt that we create our own lives. In the next blog post, I will discuss the results I had with experiment number three, which were very interesting, to say the least.


E-Squared- Accessing the Field of Potentiality

In the last blog post, I discussed the general principles of accessing the Field of Potentiality as discussed in the best-selling book E Squared, by Pam Grout. She lays out a series of nine experiments which the readers can undertake in order to verify the existence of this field and also the fact that we are in control of what this field brings to us. This is obviously a very exciting concept — the fact that we can control what happens to us and that we can draw what we need from this field. This is something that I have always believed in on an intellectual level as well as a physical level. There have been numerous instances in my life where the universe has brought me what I have asked for. However, I had never before done this on a regular basis in my daily life moment-by-moment. It seemed as if I was vacillating between accepting what the universe brought me and wondering if this is so.


Having nine specific experiments certainly seems to be a way to truly bring this concept into conscious thinking on a daily basis. Ms. Grout refers to the first experiment as The Dude Abides Principle. The theory behind this is that there is an invisible energy field of infinite possibilities and that it is ours for the asking. The question here is does the Field of Potentiality exist? Readers are instructed to tell the universe that it has 48 hours to make its presence known. We were told to ask the universe for a very clear sign, something that cannot be written off as coincidence. Readers were also told that it may be something very small but it has to be recognizable.


Mine was indeed small but it was something that had never happened before. I place orders to Amazon frequently for such items as books and health and beauty aids. I’ve been doing this for several years. In some instances, I will place an order for two different items less than five minutes apart. In every single case, and I am talking probably at least 100 orders, each one will arrive separately regardless of how little time passed between my order for the first item and my order for the second item. I recall thinking that this seems such a waste of packing materials and that Amazon should ship some items together. However, this had never happened before. The deadline that I set was the 48 hours between October 4 at approximately 6 PM and October 6 at the same time.


I had ordered a book and bottle of vitamins from Amazon about 24 hours apart. Lo and behold, on October 5, I received both items in the same package. When I opened it, I was not thinking about the E-Squared experiment. I recall that my first reaction was, “Now that’s really odd.” It struck my consciousness immediately as being something I would never have expected. Then it occurred to me that this was the answer to experiment number one. Although this may seem like a small yield, the fact that this was unprecedented and that it struck me as being something that was impossible convinced me this was indeed the answer I had been seeking. I am now off to a very good start knowing that the universe answers our request in every case. In a couple of days I will report on experiment number two.