The Field of Potentiality

I had to make one more post about the book which has impressed me so much, E-Squared, by Pam Grout (Hay House, 2013). This book deals with the nature of reality and truly affirms the fact that we do create what we see in our lives. A number of recent authors, and they all seem to be saying pretty much the same thing, affirm that any given situation can turn out in an infinite number of ways. This is only affected by what we expect to see.


This book has made a profound impact on my life and I use its principles nearly every day. When I am in a state of awareness, in a challenging situation, I immediately work to create what I see in my reality. I have used this for situations such as difficult meetings and other challenging life situations. I picture myself standing in a revolving door knowing that I can enter any one of these doors and have the situation be what that door reflects. I then make a conscious choice of exactly the outcome that I want and pick a door which corresponds to that expectation. Sometimes the situation takes more work than other times. This usually depends on my readiness to believe that I can control my environment and my underlying mood. For example, if things have been really negative for several days, it takes more work to get back into the thought pattern of positivity. However, this pattern of positive thinking is cumulative so that the results build upon previous positive results. The trick is to keep the momentum going. You will find that it gets easier and easier as time goes on.


This book has helped me immeasurably due to its positive tone and the fact that Ms. Grout has studied manifestation extensively and presents the material in such a way that there is no doubt as to its truth. In the beginning, she points out that most of us “think of life as a random crap shoot”. This is so true. It seems that the vast majority of people really don’t see that they can control their environment. They think that everything happens outside of them, when in reality we all have everything within us that we need to make our lives perfect and complete.


I would like to end with a paragraph from the introduction to this book that pretty much sums everything up. Ms. Grout states: “…that’s what your thoughts are – vibrational energy waves that interact and influence the FP (Field of Potentiality). Every thought you have ever had or ever will have creates a vibration that goes out into the FP, extending forever. These vibrations meet other vibrations, crisscrossing in an incredible maze of energy. Get enough energy together and it clumps into matter. Remember what Einstein said – matter is formed out of energy.”


Putting these principles into action has definitely had tangible results for me. It has brought greater satisfaction, greater financial rewards, and warmer personal relationships. I am writing this blog in part to tell others the good news that we can have anything we want!


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