What You Expect Becomes Your Reality

The main thrust of this blog is to talk about how we all create our own reality – literally. What we look at tends to multiply and the experiences we have day-to-day are based upon our expectations. This is explained in detail by a number of well-known authors including Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Pam Grout.


Ms. Grout, whose books E Squared and E-Cubed were published by Hay House, refers to reality as the Field of Potentiality. In any given situation, there are an infinite number of possibilities of how it can turn out. What actually happens and what we perceive depends in great measure on our expectations. Ms. Grout sets forth a number of experiments in both books designed to prove this thesis. For example, if we set out the intention that we will see butterflies or that we will see beige cars, that is exactly what will happen. Of the nine experiments in E-Squared, I received results which were in line with my expectations in eight.


Dr. Lipton, in his book The Biology of Belief, also published by Hay House, further describes this phenomenon. He discusses the fact that our biology is malleable rather than being set in stone by things which happen outside of our experience. Based on his studies, genetics is not the end-all and be-all of our experience with our health. This is demonstrated by the fact that siblings with the same genetic makeup can have very different health patterns. His thesis is that environmental concerns are more important than our biological inheritance.


Dr. Chopra, in some of his many books, discusses the fact that reality, which appears solid, is really changeable and that what appears to us as a solid piece of furniture, for example, is really a mass of vibrating atoms.


Gregg Braden also discusses some interesting concepts on this subject and brings up several examples of experiments which were influenced by the observers of those experiments. He refers to the universe as a “consciousness computer”, whereby what goes into the collective consciousness actually becomes what we perceive as reality.


I will be giving detailed examples in the coming weeks and months that will bring this principle to life. I have also seen it work in my own experience by setting an intention for the day and for certain interactions, such as meetings and social events. I believe that this is truly how the universe works and I will be pleased to share this information with you.


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