The Exciting Field of Potentiality

In my opinion, E-Squared (Hay House, 2013) by Pam Grout, is one of the most real books to ever come on the market. It has appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List. Hay House, as many readers know, is one of the leading publishers of spiritual books in the world and is home to ground-breaking authors such as Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Wayne Dyer, and Doreen Virtue. The book posits that the Universe literally follows the directive of our thoughts and desires. It even works for those who don’t believe this theory. For example, those who think about and believe in lack and want, will have that experience.


This book posits the existence of the Field of Potentiality (FP). In the words of the author, “Every thought you have, have ever had, or will have creates a vibration that goes out into the FP, extending forever. These vibrations meet other vibrations, crisscrossing in an incredible maze of energy. Get enough energy together and it clumps into matter… And your thought vibrations draw other vibrations that match. “


Perhaps the most interesting thing about this book is that Grout gives the readers 9 experiments to show how the FP works. I have completed all experiments. Eight out of the 9 showed me, without any doubt, that the Field of Potentiality exists and works in beautiful concert with our minds. In those eight cases, the FP has delivered, sometimes with humorous results and proof that it takes things literally. This has been a real eye-opener for me, even though I have believed in the FP for a long time. I have a friend who has also completed the experiments, with success in all but one. She is still optimistic that that final experiment will be successful.


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