The Ascension of Planet Earth

A number of authors have been talking for several years about the earth evolving into a higher plane of existence. In the past, these authors say, Earth has been in third dimensional reality, which is one of the lower planes of existence. This allows for duality and separation, which ignores the fact that we are all one. It is way beyond the scope of this blog to review all of the literature discussing the theory that Earth has been evolving for the last few decades.

The end result will supposedly be a fifth dimensional Earth which evidences a higher level of development and allows for a greater awareness of the oneness that is the true reality. Some have said that certain individuals have made this leap in consciousness and that there is an ever increasing number of people who are reaching this level. This theory goes on to say that the Earth will evolve to a fifth dimensional level when a critical mass of its inhabitants have achieved their own evolution to fifth dimensional consciousness.

This is certainly a very heartening thought in the world we find ourselves in at this time. The news is full of negative events which would indicate the opposite of an evolution. However, it has also been said that the perceived spike in negative events could be that more things of this nature are being reported or that those of lower consciousness are fighting harder to keep the earth in its third dimensional plane.

I am offering a link to an excellent article which discusses “Wave X” which is supposed to influence the Earth from now until September 28 and beyond. This wave of energy is to help greatly in Earth’s evolution and enlightenment. I offer no opinion about this theory except to say that I certainly hope it’s true. I will quote the first few paragraphs below:

“September Wave X Energy Shifts”

The energy of accelerated ascension for Earth and for humanity is already here, and now it’s increasing!

If you’re like most people, you’re already noticing huge changes unfolding in your life… These changes are due to the energy of accelerated ascension, which can otherwise be described as an Ascension Energy Wave.

Starting in late August of 2015, through about September 28th… The energy will really be heightened, as the Earth physically and metaphysically aligns with a huge series of transformational energy waves.

These light energy waves come from the Center of the Cosmos, from Source, God, and they are raising the vibration of everything encountered on their path.

Scientifically, these energy waves have been noticed, measured and described as Gamma waves.

Ultimately, however you look at them, or describe what is happening… In one form or another, we’re headed into a HUGE tsunami wave of LIGHT.

This of course, is right on Divine time and not to be feared. For a long time now the Earth and humanity have been receiving increased light, ascension codes, and consciousness downloads from the Divine through solar flares, gamma rays, angels ascended masters and ascension gateway opening.


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