Compilation of Wisdom From Wayne Dyer

This is the text of an email from Reid Tracy, the President/CEO of Hay House, which, in my opinion, is the finest publisher of spiritual books in the world. I am on the mailing list and enjoy getting news of offerings from the company.  PBS is airing a program called The Forever Wisdom of Wayne  Dyer, and I thought you would want to know about it. The text of the email follows:

“I miss my dear friend, Wayne, every day. We were very close and he was one of my biggest mentors. I feel as though he is still with us because I have been watching so many video clips from his past TV programs. We’ve created The Forever Wisdom of Wayne Dyer to celebrate his teachings and uplifting guidance. Forever Wisdom is a wonderful compilation of Wayne’s most cherished TV moments. In honor of his memory, we’ve taken his best and most inspiring clips and put them in one program, just for you.

Wayne loved public television. He helped raise over $200,000,000 for public TV since his first show in 1998. He was a huge supporter of the fundraising drives hosted by PBS. He believed in the positive energy of PBS and was proud to be a part of such a lovely program. Forever Wisdom covers Wayne’s most enlightening topics including Wishes Fulfilled, The Power of Intention, Inspiration and many others. He has touched the lives of millions who have found his broadcasts encouraging and educating.

As a teacher, mentor, author, and friend Dr. Wayne Dyer is irreplaceable, but his wisdom forever lives on. If you haven’t had a chance to watch The Forever Wisdom of Wayne Dyer, make sure to check your local PBS station to find air dates. This program started March 5th and is playing across the country. You won’t want to miss it. Here’s the link to find your local PBS station. ”



The Attitude of Gratitude

The late Wayne Dyer said many true and profound things. I saw him speak in person once in Washington DC and have read several of his books. I have also watched any number of videos of his talks. Perhaps my favorite statement of his is “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. This is very true, as science is proving more and more that our mental attitude produces what we see in the outer world.

This is especially true for gratitude. We all have many things to be grateful for, but most people do not see the full extent of all the good things in their lives. I have tried this myself and by concentrating on the things I am grateful for over an extended period of time, positive things begin to happen.

It was good to see this observation from someone else as well. A good friend of mine recently told me that every morning she picks out one thing to be grateful for and sits in silence and stillness for 30 minutes focusing on that one item. It could be something big or it could be something very small. She’s been doing this for several weeks consistently and has already seen profound results in her life. Things now seem to move with greater synchronicity and positivity. Examples include problems being solved more easily, serendipitous encounters, saving of resources, and deeper and more positive relations with others. She has been able to bring in results very quickly.

In my opinion, one of the reasons for that is the consistency with which this work is being done. Concentrated effort over a period of time nearly always yields positive results. Good things happen even for those who do this practice inconsistently. However, one of the keys to optimal results is a concentrated effort, which ideally should be done on a daily basis. This gives the Field of Potentiality more access to you and paves the way for the best results.


Memories of Heaven

I would highly recommend this great work by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dee Garnes:

A number of parents, I included, have heard our small children talk about invisible friends. In my son’s case, he spoke about his friend Daisy when he was around four. Some people think that this is just being fanciful on the part of the children. However, other authors suggest that these are actually spiritual entities which are companions of the children. In my opinion, this makes much more sense than suggesting that the children are just making this up. The theory goes that these young people, usually under the age of six, still remember what the spirit world was like, since they have so recently arrived on earth. Most children who relate these memories forget them by the time they start school.


These memories all seem to be very positive. This is a very affirming view of life after death and one which I accept totally.


Dr. Dyer and Ms. Garnes received literally thousands of anecdotes from all over the world. Of course, only a few could be published in the book. These stories are divided into several categories and one of the most intriguing chapters relates that many of these young people have talked about having chosen their parents before birth. In a number of other cases, the children may be reincarnations of family members who have passed on.


I would highly recommend reading this work, as it gives a great deal of insight into the world we encounter after we leave this life.