Reiki Helps Pets to Heal

Reiki is a form of touch therapy that originated in the Far East. It has been practiced since early in the last century and proven to be effective as an adjunct to conventional therapies as well as a stand-alone treatment that promotes healing, good health, and well-being. The practitioner places his/her hands in various positions on the recipient’s body to direct life force energy into the areas where healing is needed. Reiki works through the body’s electromagnetic field to activate and strengthen the functions of the immune system. Among the healing benefits of this technique: it is effective in the treatment of a broad range of physical and emotional conditions; it is non-invasive, and there are no adverse effects.


The Reiki energy works to unblock areas of congestion of energy and restores the client to good health. The practitioner serves merely as a conduit for the universal life force energy which comes through and actually does the healing.


Reiki is being used in an increasing number of hospitals in the US and abroad. It is known to promote relaxation, reduce or eliminate pain, and helps to manage

stress. Studies have shown that surgery patients who are treated with Reiki are less anxious, lose less blood during surgery, spend less time in the recovery room, require less pain medication afterwards, and have shorter hospital stays. (See


Reiki has been shown to have cured illnesses and injuries from the common cold to serious, life-threatening situations such as cancer. Most clients experience a feeling of deep peace and relaxation at the very least. As a Master/Teacher, I have had clients who have been either cured or experienced a significant improvement in horseback riding injuries, emotional traumas, severe headaches, shoulder pain, depression, and severe anxiety.


Pets and wild animals can be helped as well as people. Reiki teaches us that as long as our life force energy is flowing unimpeded throughout our bodies, we will be in good health. However, when a blockage of this energy occurs, illness will result. The health of humans and animals alike is dependent upon the free flow of life force energy. Animals are just as likely as humans to suffer blockages in this field. I have heard it said that pets sometimes respond to the emotional state of their human companion and take on the characteristics of that person, including any symptoms of ill health.


Most Reiki practitioners I know give regular treatments to their pets with positive results. I will give several examples of circumstances where it appeared that Reiki had a positive impact upon a pet.


A very good friend of mine who practices Reiki was dismayed to learn about a year ago that her yellow Labrador retriever had a 2-inch tumor on his side. Her veterinarian suggested that she bring the dog back in about two months so that it could be determined whether the tumor was growing. He prescribed no other treatment. Since she incorporates Reiki into her daily life, it seemed only natural to treat her pet for his tumor. She placed her hand upon the area of the tumor and channeled universal life force energy into him for about 30 minutes. She thought nothing further of this until about a week later, when her husband was shocked to find that the tumor was completely gone!


Another very dramatic case occurred with a pet guinea pig of mine named Miranda. This little creature developed a milky film over one of her eyes. Naturally, I took her to the veterinarian. He explained that this was a cataract and while the situation could be handled in humans by simple surgery, it was impossible to operate on guinea pigs. This is due to the fact that the issue of anesthesia has not been explored, and it would thus be too dangerous to operate on her. He told me that there was about a 20% chance that the cataract would shrink a tiny bit around the edges, thus restoring a little bit of her eyesight. I was determined that all or most of her eyesight would come back.


It is possible to set up a treatment protocol to send Reiki distantly to animals, people, or situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I immediately set about doing this for Miranda. In addition, I gave her regular twice-weekly Reiki treatments for ten minutes at a time. When treating people, a full treatment is considered to be about an hour. However, a 10 minute treatment for a small animal like a guinea pig is a full treatment. I am happy to say that, eight months later, the cataract has shrunk to only 1/8 of its original size. Even the small portion remaining is not nearly as opaque as it was in the beginning. This is a dramatic example of the power of channeling universal life force energy.


I also had a beautiful gray cat named Henley who I rescued from a very neglectful home. One day, he just walked away and disappeared. I did not see him again for two more days. When he came back, he was in a very bad state, looking extremely tired and thin. He would not eat the food that I set out for him. This continued for several more hours. Ordinarily he ate ravenously. It was obvious that he had picked up some sort of stomach ailment, possibly from some rotted food he had eaten.


I set him on the ground in the front yard in the warm sun (it was spring) and started to administer Reiki. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him begin purring. He lay perfectly still and continued to purr, obviously enjoying the Reiki treatment. I could feel a constant gurgling in his stomach which told me that that was where the disturbance was. After about 20 minutes, the gurgling stopped, but I continued to treat him for an additional 10 minutes or so. If it can be said that a cat can look blissful, that is what I saw that day. At the end of the treatment he got up and went over to his food dish and started eating as if he was starving.


These few examples should give the reader just a small idea of the benefits that pets can reap from Reiki. It can be used to treat nearly any type of ailment experienced by people or animals.


There are two options for Reiki treatments for pets. One is to search the web for a Reiki practitioner in the area. Most are quite comfortable treating animals as well as people and some are willing to travel to the client. A far more economical method over the long run would be to take a-one day training in Reiki Level I. Pet owners can then treat all of their pets at home as many times as the need dictates. Once one is trained to give Reiki energy, they have the ability to do so for life. No additional training is necessary. However, If one wishes to progress beyond Level 1, it is possible to become a Level 2 Practitioner, then an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, and finally a Master/Teacher.


Every animal I have treated seems to love Reiki. It is truly a blessing, one that I am delighted to share with my animal friends who have so enriched my life.


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