The Field

The Field by Lynne McTaggert (Harper, 2008) is a fascinating and thorough compendium of the various experiments which prove the existence of an energy matrix which determines what happens in our lives. There are descriptions of countless experiments which showed that the force and power of our thoughts really does determine what happens around us. Ms. McTaggart describes in great detail some of the resistance given to these ideas by traditional physics. However, there is just too much evidence on the side of quantum physics and the existence of a field of energy to deny this.

These experiments show that the outcome of a particular trial is dependent upon those who are observing it. Unfortunately, many people still do not accept this despite the overwhelming evidence.

In the introduction, Ms. McTaggart sums up the premise of the book as follows: “The Field tells a radically new scientific story. The latest chapter of the story, written by a group of largely unknown frontier scientific explorers, suggests that at our core we exist as a unity, a relationship – utterly interdependent, the parts affecting the whole at every moment”.

This has tremendous implications in this world of separation and duality. We tend to think in terms of winning and losing. We feel that if someone has received an advantage of some kind, that takes away from someone else. The truth of the matter is that there is an infinite amount to go around.

In my other occupation, I am a grant writer and consultant who travels throughout the country training people how to write successful grant applications. One of my relatives once asked me if that would not be harmful to my career in the sense that I am teaching others to compete with me. There are so many arguments against this premise but I will just name a few. This person was postulating that any help I gave to another individual was taking away from my financial security. We have a good relationship and so I was able to be frank with her. I explained that there is only so much work in the country in grant writing that it would take decades to make any measurable impact on my business, if ever. The other point was that giving these classes is instructional to me as well. I always receive information from my students. There is enough to go around and no matter how many people I train, I will always have enough.

I once listened to a tape of Gregg Braden discussing an experiment in which it was determined what level of competition would be necessary for optimum survival. Interestingly enough, the researchers came up with the result that zero competition is the best for everyone. Unfortunately, this view is accepted by only a very small minority of individuals. However, it is books like The Field which will help educate the public and hopefully help us reach a point where society is based more on cooperation than competition.


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