Memories of Heaven

I would highly recommend this great work by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dee Garnes:

A number of parents, I included, have heard our small children talk about invisible friends. In my son’s case, he spoke about his friend Daisy when he was around four. Some people think that this is just being fanciful on the part of the children. However, other authors suggest that these are actually spiritual entities which are companions of the children. In my opinion, this makes much more sense than suggesting that the children are just making this up. The theory goes that these young people, usually under the age of six, still remember what the spirit world was like, since they have so recently arrived on earth. Most children who relate these memories forget them by the time they start school.


These memories all seem to be very positive. This is a very affirming view of life after death and one which I accept totally.


Dr. Dyer and Ms. Garnes received literally thousands of anecdotes from all over the world. Of course, only a few could be published in the book. These stories are divided into several categories and one of the most intriguing chapters relates that many of these young people have talked about having chosen their parents before birth. In a number of other cases, the children may be reincarnations of family members who have passed on.


I would highly recommend reading this work, as it gives a great deal of insight into the world we encounter after we leave this life.




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