A Meditation and Exercise to Help You Work Directly with Universal Consciousness


The following meditation has been designed to help you create the feelings in your body that will allow the universe to reflect back to you your desires. It will assist you in getting in tune with the “consciousness computer” and using it to create the most joyous life you could ever imagine.


It will be important to eliminate all sources of distraction, and to pick a time and place which will be conducive to complete relaxation and openness to Universal Consciousness. This meditation may be done either lying down or sitting upright. If you are sitting upright, your hands should be held palms up on your knees. Think of a situation or outcome which you wish to produce. Say a brief prayer of gratitude for this experience. Call upon the Reiki guides and masters to assist you.


Take a few deep breaths in order to feel completely relaxed. Release any tension that you feel in any part of your body.


Spend a few moments clearing your mind of any random thoughts. Replace those thoughts with mental pictures of the universe as a loving, all-encompassing system to which you are totally connected.


Meditate on thoughts of peace and what that condition means to you. Think of clear mental pictures which show you exactly what peace in your life looks like.


Then, spend the next few minutes bringing the feeling of peace into your body. Concentrate now on what that feels like. Experience the quietness and serenity of pure and utter peace in your life. Surround yourself with the complete knowing that peace is the essence of what you are experiencing now and will always experience. Know that this is all there is.


Concentrate now on the feeling that you are peace, and that this is the true essence of your nature. Repeat to yourself, “I am peace” several times until you feel that this is undoubtedly so.


Now that you are peace, know that this is all that can happen. Concentrate on this idea for a few moments. Meditate with the idea of having the sure and certain knowledge that the universe will now reflect back to you utter peace in regard to the situation.


Let a wave of joy wash over you as you see the outcome. Feel deep happiness and gratitude. Create the feeling in your body that this is now a reality.


Sit in stillness for a few moments and then gradually bring your awareness back to the present, still feeling peace and gratitude.


The following exercise can be done quickly, either several times a day or just when you are feeling the need to connect to the universe to bring about your desires. It is important to have the setting for this exercise be a place where you feel utter peace and safety. For me, the corner of my backyard where my fish pond is situated is my ”safe place”. It is therefore possible for me to practice this exercise at home. However, if you are not at home, or if your “safe place” is an imaginary or distant site, such as a tropical island, this exercise will work just as well, as long as you can bring up the same feelings.


Take two or three deep breaths and then visualize yourself standing with your arms lifted up to heaven, with a beatific smile on your face. Feel the supreme happiness of knowing that what you want has already occurred. It is important to make this feeling as real as possible. Seeing a picture of yourself with this radiant smile will do a lot to create the feeling in your body which will attract your desires. Imagine a timeframe when you will actually see the results-it could be that evening, the next day, the next week, or the next month. However, it is important to set a specific time. Lastly, feel a deep sense of gratitude for what has already occurred. Visualize yourself actually saying these words of gratitude to the universe.


Do this exercise often, and you will soon see how quickly you are seeing your desires manifest.


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