What Universal Consciousness Can Do for You

The output in your life is determined solely by the input which you are giving to the universe. There are many benefits which can be derived from using Universal Consciousness for assistance with your Reiki practice.

By harnessing the power of this force, you will see a series of events reflecting your goals falling into place like clockwork. One has to be very clear regarding one’s goals, priorities and desires, for you will get exactly what you ask for.

Most importantly, the use of Universal Consciousness will draw the right clients and students into your life at the right time. This will enable you to utilize your Reiki energy to the best advantage to help. It will also help you to attract other learning opportunities, bringing additional information and teachings into your life when needed.

In addition, knowing that one is in the flow of the universe is very empowering. This feeling of connection will help to vastly decrease the feelings of helplessness and restriction which is so common in the world today. The very concept that you are completely in charge of what happens in your life is a truly awesome one. This sense of personal power stuns when the full impact of it is realized. Of all the many concepts of the nature of the universe that have been posited throughout history, this is the one that most of us have wished with all our hearts is the “real” one.

There are many other benefits besides attracting new Reiki clients and students. These additional benefits act to improve the quality of your practice of Reiki. These include a feeling of greater confidence, a feeling of connectedness with the universe, a better sense of connection with others, a clearer focus with which to undertake goal setting and the establishment of priorities which are right for you, a greater feeling of peace and contentment, increased life satisfaction, and increased energy. These benefits all act in concert to enhance one’s Reiki practice.

Despite the fact that this has not been much discussed, it is an easy concept to understand. In essence, we must create a feeling in our bodies that a certain desire has already occurred. Once we have done this, it is necessary to feel gratitude to the universe for creating this.

It helps a great deal if one can keep in mind that Universal Consciousness is always there, whether a person believes in it or not, and that it can only reflect back what it is given as input.


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