Manifestation Class, cont.

This is the third post discussing all of the material in my manifesting class. We have previously talked about all of the studies which support the idea that your words and thoughts create your reality. This article will discuss the next step, which is re-wiring your brain to get rid of the limiting beliefs that we are all plagues with. The following is an excerpt from an article I wrote about the topic.

Once an individual comes to the place where they believe without a doubt that we all create our own reality, they  still have work to do before they can actually begin to manifest moment to moment. The reason for this is that we have been conditioned from a very early age to think limiting thoughts. Science has until recently stated that most of our thinking and ideas are set by the time we are in our late teens or early twenties. After that time, the common wisdom states, the only change in our brains would be a deterioration in function as we enter old age.


Our society is in great measure one of negativity and lack and want. We are trained from a very early age by the school system and our families to believe the following in varying degrees:


  • it is not possible to have everything we desire
  • what others think of us is of paramount importance
  • certain gender/racial groups are more entitled to privileges than certain minority groups
  • we must not question anything
  • in order to have a good religious experience, we must depend on church leaders rather than ourselves
  • we must depend on the exterior world for our good
  • it is not possible to change the things that we would like to change
  • it is wrong to question those in authority
  • we must always be satisfied with undesirable situations
  • bullying is something that people must buck up and deal with
  • animals have no rights and animal abuse is not a crime


The list could go on and on. Just think about every limiting parameter in your life. These thoughts  can be changed through rewiring your brain and going forward and manifesting a different situation. Our society and those of other societies around the world have found it almost impossible to change their belief systems in any significant manner within a short period time. Even things which are patently absurd but which gain ground,  are accepted as truth. Trying to get others to see how ridiculous some of these beliefs are is nearly impossible if the belief has been entrenched.

I will write another post continuing this article.


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