Manifestation Class in Maryland

On Saturday, January 26, I had the pleasure of teaching a two-hour manifestation class in Snow Hill Maryland, as part of the annual Soul Journey Retreat, which is organized by a couple of very spiritual ladies. A total of 20 persons attended the class. All were female, and most were of middle age. It was a very good group with everyone eager to learn and discuss new concepts.


I invited interaction at any time during the presentation and got a number of very good questions. Everyone seemed to be very eager to assimilate this information. Very briefly, I discussed the concept of the universe as a consciousness computer, as theorized by scientist Seth Lloyd. I went through a number of studies and experiments which show that human consciousness directly impacts reality. This discussion included the writings of Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, and Deepak Chopra.


I explained that one of the secrets to manifesting is to really know beyond any shadow of a doubt that every thought we have, every action we take, and every word we say has an impact on what happens to us.  I believe that it is not possible to really consciously manifest unless we know this for a fact. The second action which needs to be taken prior to manifestation is rewiring our brains to eliminate thought patterns which may have been imprinted on us as children and teenagers. Studies have indicated that 90-95 percent of our thoughts come from this old conditioning. I doubt that many people would  think that sticking with this old conditioning would really serve us very well. I know that I was dismayed to read this originally and wanted to find a way to rewire my brain with healthier patterns. I went through a number of exercises which were intended to create new neural pathways which would enable me to think differently and have my thoughts be colored by my own beliefs rather than those with which I was raised.


Finally, I discussed the situations in my life which caused me to seek to actively manifest on a daily basis. I then went into detail about the methodology that I used with some success. However, this is still a work in progress as new situations present themselves. Finally, I led the class in two different exercises, one designed to bring about one’s big goals and the other designed to reframe a particular situation. I look forward to my next class on manifesting on February 9 at Evergreen Cove Holistic Learning Center in Easton, Maryland. This workshop will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.




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