Body Scan Meditation

The “body scan” meditation is used to create a greater connection and understanding between the body, the brain, and the mind by bringing awareness to various parts of your body. Start with basic mindfulness meditation techniques and once settled focus on the top of your head without using your eyes but just by feeling the top of your head from within yourself. Become aware of any sensations there, positive or negative, if any at all and then at your own pace move down your head and then your entire body, one area at a time, taking note of any feelings or emotions at each point. If you find your awareness drifting to your thoughts, gently pull yourself back on track to focusing on your body as you move from head to foot. Once complete, bring your awareness into larger focus as the experience rather than the observer becoming aware of your entire body and all the sensations there.

This is just one of the meditations I have found effective in re-wiring my brain to release negative thoughts and beliefs.


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