Specific Steps to Manifesting

I am excited about the manifestation classes I will be teaching. One will be in Snow Hill, MD, on 1/26 and another will be in Easton, MD on 2/9. I will teach specific techniques for creating your life moment by moment. The following are the caveats I will teach my students. Please contact me at vjmann@comcast.net to give  a class in your area.

  1. This will happen very gradually.
  2. You will need to be persistent and patient.
  3. You will need to work hard to maintain your health by using healthy habits.
  4. You will need to be able and willing to multitask. This will involve doing your manifestation exercises at the very same time that you are in the midst of living that which you want to change. This could include difficult situations like meetings and even giving talks. However, it can be done as long as you are persistent.
  5. Your body will gradually become more relaxed.
  6. You will wonder how you ever stood to have all the old negative thoughts, ideas, patterns and actions.
  7. Your life will be happier and more fulfilling. This is guaranteed.
  8. Good things will start happening to you. At first it will just be a trickle so small that it is almost humorous to see how literally the Universe will interpret your desires.
  9. The good things will start to add up until you have something substantial.
  10. People will see you differently. You will be more sought after in both business and social situations.
  11. You will believe that anything is possible.
  12. Your life will pick up steam.
  13. You will find a greater sense of enjoyment and relaxation.

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