Exercises to Rewire Your Brain to Think Positively

I have used the exercises in the wonderful book by Dr. Marsha Lukas, Rewire Your Brain for Love- Creating Vibrant Relationships Using the Science of Mindfulness (Hay House, 2012). Dr. Lukas stated that, ” As recently as ten years ago, neuroscience maintained an iron-clad rule about neurons in the brain-once you reached adulthood, you couldn’t grow any new brain cells-they only died off as the years went on…Well, we found out pretty recently that that idea is wrong. Really wrong. We can, in fact, not only cause the neurons in our brains to change and to grow new connections and pathways, but we can produce new neurons, throughout our entire lives. It’s called neuroplasticity, and it’s the most radical finding in neuroscience since, well, the discovery that the brain wasn’t just a cooling device for the body.”

In my journey, I found that it was necessary to master the rewiring exercises in this book in order to empower myself to manifest and change my life. Disempowering thoughts that started in my childhood would have kept me from my goals until I found this book. Nothing is a coincidence. This information came at just the right time-when I was ready and needed it. I will briefly discuss some of the challenges that had to be overcome in order to get to the point where I could live my life in full awareness and realizing my pure potentiality.



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