How Belief Works

Manifestation, or the act of bringing things into being by changing one’s thoughts and beliefs, has been much discussed.  It has been the topic of numerous books and the subject of many workshops. Some of these self-help programs advocate the use of affirmations.  These affirmations are to be repeated at frequent intervals every day, meditated upon, and written on slips of paper to be placed where they can be seen frequently.  The new physics, however, is showing that in order for us to change our world, we must develop a special feeling within ourselves called “belief”.   This means belief which is so strong that the end results can never be doubted.  Experiments are showing that what we think of as miracles occur where feelings and beliefs permeate the heart to the point that we have no doubt that what we desire has already happened. Knowing this and feeling a deep sense of peace, joy, and gratitude actually causes the Universal Consciousness to reflect this back to us and bring about what we have “asked” for.


Conventional religion has also taught us to pray and make entreaties and pleas to God to give us what we want and what we think we need.  However, experiments are increasingly showing that this conventional method of prayer does nothing more than acknowledge the lack of what we are asking for.  By feeling the need to plead for something, we are focusing upon the fact that we do not have it.  When we really feel in our hearts that we already have what we desire, that becomes our reality.


A number of experiments showing the nature of thought, belief, and physical matter support Seth Lloyd’s view of the universe as a consciousness computer.  The following revolutionary concepts have already been proven by a number of scientific experiments:


  • A minimum number of persons practicing Transcendental Meditation can influence such things as the crime rate, suicide rate, war, fires and the general level of violence in a certain area
  • Physical changes in the body can occur due to one’s beliefs, independent of any medical treatment
  • Experiments are influenced by the belief systems of those conducting them
  • Samples of DNA taken from the same individual respond the same even when physically separated
  • Our thoughts change our DNA
  • Quantum particles appear to not be bound by the strictures of time

My next post will cover ways to re-tool and re-wire your brain so that it is possible to manifest.



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