Connecting With Something Bigger Than Yourself

Most of the students in my meditation classes are attracted there due to a desire to experience deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being. There is also the desire to connect with spiritual energy. Many of these people are yearning to experience something which encompasses more than just the physical body. For others, the value of the class is in connecting with others who are believers in holistic health practices. The fellowship value of meditating as a group in this type of situation is very powerful.


When you have a regular meditation practice, your life outside of meditation starts to change. This is a very exciting concept and one which is very empowering. It suggests that peace in your inner world is reflected back to you as greater stability, success, happiness and accomplishment in your outer world. Having this period of peace and stillness once or twice a day will create a peaceful frame of mind which will combat anxiety and stress. Having this peaceful frame of mind will enable one to present a calmer and more peaceful picture to the outside world. When that happens, you can expect to attract to you people and situations which will be more positive and lead to increased success in business, relationships, and the achievement of life goals.


I have seen this happen in my own life. However, the change has been very gradual and very subtle covering a span of 12 years. The interesting thing has been that, as I have devoted more time and attention to meditation, its effects have intensified, so that I can now relate particularly good meditation experiences with things that happen over the next day or two. I have successfully used meditation to relieve fear associated with travel, difficult meetings, and medical procedures and a whole host of other things I may consider to be challenging. The key here is to change your thinking about these things that might seem so intimidating and replace that original thinking with feelings of peace and calm. This is really easier than we think. Just on the other side of the divide and so close by are different, better ways to experience life. Try meditation. It will open new potentialities that you might not have thought possible. Your life really will change.


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