Steps to Manifesting

  1. Start with something you want to improve, but not something too challenging.
  2. This could be something ordinary that may be giving you some anxiety, such as a meeting or dinner or something like that.
  3. Simply think, without straining, that you have chosen the most desirable outcome. Be very matter-of-fact and think of it just as you would of selecting items in the grocery store.
  4. Trust the process. Once you know that this is how the Universe really works, you will lose any doubt.
  5. In the case of interpersonal encounters, think about the outcome of the meeting as positive and know it has already happened.
  6. Studies show that acting as if something has already happened actually brings results, as opposed to expressing your desire for the future. Visualize that which you want and act as if it has already occurred. This is actually where things begin. Hold that image. Once things start happening in response to this methodology, it will be easy to act “as if”. You will find that you have new ways of thinking about things and therefore new neural pathways will actually physically be created.

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