Re-Wire Your Brain to Manifest a Great Life

The way our brain is wired makes a difference in how we relate. Most relationship wiring is completed by age 2. It is very difficult to manifest effectively unless you can learn, through meditation, to change this wiring to a more positive state.


These re-wiring techniques are not new- some of them go back 2,500 years.


Ten years ago, science thought that once you grew up, you couldn’t grow new brain cells, and old connections in the brain couldn’t be replaced, It was thought that all brain development was completed at the age of 25.


However, studies at Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, and UCLA have found that mindfulness practices change one’s brain relative to relationships.


Seven patterns yielding to meditation:


Management of body’s reactions

            Regulation of fear response

            Emotional resilience

            Response flexibility


            Empathy and attunement

            “Me” to “We” shift


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